Artist Statement

I have often and always been excited in the particular, chance arrangement of items found together. I am a very visual person who has moved easily in several arenas between the concrete and the abstract. I am stimulated by both the organic and the designed.

I search to portray not what is constructed or considered to be beautiful but rather what might be coincidentally stimulating and that might have been missed or not recently seen. I see a curious combination of what has been designed but not designed. My images often capture articles that people have used and have left behind. The sense of past presence remains. The capture of articles and locations abandoned presents a lonely world, but the potential connection with the viewer through design mitigates that situation.

My interests lie in the visual search for and exploration of machines and other constructions in nature and of nature and the coincidental in the midst of structure.

I often question whether these arrangements might be interesting to others–often without the satisfaction of an answer. Certainly, art history demonstrates that visual design is attractive to others. My intention is to use visual design to give form to my immediate and persistent emotions as well as to use visual design to be as sure as possible that others find and share the stimulation that I have found.

I’m interested in your response, your reaction, to what once existed or perhaps exists in my visual world. Thank you for your interest.

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